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Carnival of the Animals
2017/18 Family
Carnival of the Animals

Christopher Dragon, conductor

MANCINI “The Pink Panther”
BRITTEN The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra, Op. 34
MANCINI Baby Elephant Walk
SAINT-SAËNS Carnival of the Animals

This performance introduces little ones to the joys of the orchestra with Carnival of the Animals, one of the best-known pieces by French composer Camille Saint-Saëns, with each movement depicting a different animal from the royal lion to the graceful swan. Truly a fantastic family experience for all ages!

Sun 3/11/18 1:00PM Boettcher Concert Hall Carnival of the Animals

Pirates of the Symphony Seas!
<br>Buntport Theater and the Colorado Symphony

Christopher Dragon, conductor

Quirky, fun, and joyfully off-center, this program curated by local thespians of the Buntport Theater will take you on an adventure to an island of swashbuckling delight! Journey across the high seas to encounter dastardly foes, fantastical friends, and a symphony of treasure sure to please every pint-sized pipsqueak and their parrot. Ships ahoy, mateys!

Sun 5/6/18 1:00PM Boettcher Concert Hall Pirates of the Symphony Seas!
Buntport Theater and the Colorado Symphony