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The Animated Orchestra
2014/15 Family Series
The Animated Orchestra

Wes Kenney, conductor
Denver Young Artists Orchestra

The Colorado Symphony and the Denver Young Artists Orchestra come to life in a program featuring composer Gregory Smith’s newest work, The Animated Orchestra. This exciting piece features a narrator and engages the audience in a playful cartoon storyline. This program will also highlight the extraordinary talent of the DYAO and will delight audiences of all ages.

Sun 2/8/15 1:00PM Boettcher Concert Hall The Animated Orchestra

Magic Circle Mime Company: Peter and the Wolf

The Prokofiev classic becomes an exciting theatrical and musical experience in this fifty-minute production. The narration is replaced by movement and the concert hall becomes the scene of action as the conductor’s assistant (Peter) tries to capture a vicious wolf that threatens orchestra and audience alike. With the help of the musicians, good triumphs over evil and the concert ends in victorious celebration.

Sun 3/22/15 1:00PM Boettcher Concert Hall Magic Circle Mime Company: Peter and the Wolf