2017/18 Flex Pass

Colorado Symphony Voucher

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Need more flexibility in your schedule? Come as you are when you want with our Flex Pass! Our Flex Pass offers all of our subscriber benefits, a savings off of single ticket prices, and the flexibility to enjoy your Colorado Symphony when you want. You can split your pass up to see 6 different concerts yourself or combine them to see concerts with friends!

How does it work?

• You receive six Flex Pass vouchers. Each voucher is redeemable for one seat.
• Choose from most concerts in the 2107/18 Season.
• Reservations for your Flex Pass vouchers can be made starting the Monday before the concert and up to the day of the show, pending availability. You will be seated in the best available seats at the time of your reservation.

NOTE: Some Specials, On Location, and concerts outside of Boettcher Concert Hall are NOT eligible for Flex Pass. Flex Passes do not guarantee seats to a concert. Flex Pass holders are encouraged to check with the Box Office for availability of all shows ahead of time. Flex Passes expire on May 31st, 2018.

Flex Pass - Performance 1

Flex Pass - Performance 2

Flex Pass - Performance 3

Flex Pass - Performance 4

Flex Pass - Performance 5

Flex Pass - Performance 6

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Colorado Symphony Voucher $228.00
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