Turn Over the Keys

Thursday, May 28, 2015 7:30PM
Boettcher Concert Hall

Turn Over the Keys
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In this innovative program, the Colorado Symphony turns over the keys to Boettcher to artists from Denver’s thriving local music scene to create a varied and original program of new music. Emerging Colorado artists Ian Cooke, Land Lines, and Megan Burtt will perform individual sets with musicians from the Colorado Symphony, each with a unique style, sound, and symphonic approach. Longtime Colorado Symphony collaborator Jay Clifford, leader of the seminal South Carolina-based band Jump Little Children, and Tom Hagerman of DeVotchKa will work with each artist to create original orchestral arrangements of their music for a full complement of string players, with Clifford also joining in on the collaborative performance.

“Turn Over the Keys” builds on a tradition of creative collaboration with emerging independent artists in Colorado, which boasts one of nation’s liveliest music scenes. Beginning with a now legendary pairing of the orchestra and DeVotchKa in 2012, the Colorado Symphony has joined with up-and-coming regional musicians including the Lumineers, Gregory Alan Isakov, Nathaniel Rateliff, Otis Taylor, Flobots, Elephant Revival, and more.

The Colorado Symphony’s collaborative spirit has helped to cement the orchestra’s reputation as one of the most innovative and artistically adventurous in the United States. Westword has twice selected CSO collaborations for “Best of Denver” awards.

Ian Cooke is described as "one of the most talented living songwriters and performers” by Westword’s Tom Murphy. Though most often referred to as “unique” and “endearing,” it has been well-documented for the past decade that Cooke is much more: a creative force to be reckoned with.

Land Lines is an impossible decade, some gap in history where the tines of early electric pianos shimmer in echo chambers, baroque cellos thrum minor chords, and modern percussive rhythms build with surgical precision, all culminating in sparing, angular pop melodies that find new creative spaces in an otherwise overpopulated musical landscape.

What distinguishes Megan Burtt is her emotional insight and soulful delivery. A Colorado-born songwriter and national touring artist, she weaves elements of pop, folk, jazz, and groove to yield a sound that is uniquely hers. After completing her formal music education, Burtt has continued to hone her craft around the world, inspired by her time in the Mississippi delta, living and entertaining in Vietnam, and an annual East Coast prison tour. Burtt persistently immerses herself in human stories and unique cultures, building a fierce following through grassroots touring.

Listening to Jay Clifford’s new album, Silver Tomb for the Kingfisher is like being haunted by a friendly ghost. Through sparse production and elegant songwriting, simple observations of everyday life become whispered confessions. Lilting strings lift a meditation on the nature of love to ethereal heights. At every surprising turn, Clifford dares the listener to blink first, imbuing each song with an unflinching emotional honesty that is at once harrowing and restorative. It’s a common thread that runs through all of Clifford’s work, including his long tenure as the creative force behind Jump Little Children. Though the band went on hiatus in 2006, their music remains timeless and relevant. Through its thirteen years of touring, Jump developed a ravenous cult following and became the unofficial musical ambassadors of their hometown of Charleston, SC. For the Colorado Symphony, Jay has original orchestral arrangements for and the Beck Song Reader project featuring Nathaniel Rateliff and Otis Taylor, Gregery Alan Isakov, and the Moderators.

BE ADVISED: Due to structural maintenance, access to the Arts Complex parking garage is limited beginning April 13th and lasting into May 2015. You may enter from Arapahoe Street or from 13th Street via Champa. NOTE: 13th Street via Arapahoe will be closed!