Disney In Concert: Mary Poppins

Friday, March 8, 2019 7:30PM
Boettcher Concert Hall

Disney In Concert: Mary Poppins

Experience this Oscar®—winning 1964 motion picture, screened while your Colorado Symphony performs the two-time GRAMMY Award®—winning soundtrack live!

Only one concert event can be rightfully lauded as “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” — that’s the Oscar®—winning Disney film Mary Poppins projected on the big screen with your Colorado Symphony performing the classic score live. So grab a “spoonful of sugar” and “step in time” before tickets disappear.

Original 1964 movie, Mary Poppins, screened with live orchestra performing the full film score. Stay for the credits, you’ll be glad you did!

A magical English nanny, Mary Poppins, arrives at the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Banks, facing the park at No. 17, Cherry Tree Lane in London, to the delight of their young children, Jane and Michael. The proper English father is too preoccupied with his responsibility at the bank; the mother, an ardent suffragette, is not really aware that their 2 children, left in the care of one nanny after another, are unhappy and unable to communicate with the parents they truly love. Mary Poppins has come to change all this. She settles into the house, and soon has everyone wrapped around her little finger. Mary, along with her friend Bert and a host of chimney sweeps, teaches the children how to have fun, and in so doing makes the Banks house- hold a happier place. By the time she opens her umbrella and flies off on a beautiful spring evening, the family is united together in the park, flying a kite.

The running time of this performance is approximately 2 hours and 40 minutes. This includes one 20-minute intermission.

Presentation licensed by Disney Concerts. ©Disney. All rights reserved.

Christopher Dragon, conductor

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